Elith It Ain't Over Til It's Over


Reg.nr SE54485/2012

Born: 2012-08-30

Breeder: Emma och Lisa Thim, ELITH

Sire: DKCH FUCH Helmiäisen Legend Of Legends

Dam:  Småtuvans Sweets For My Sweet (2xCACIB, CAC)

Weight: 1,8 kg

Bite: Scissor 6+4

Molera: Very small

Patella: 0/0

Eyes: Clear

Mentality: Very cuddly, playful, abolutely adores puppies and she wants to adopt all the puppies in the world! Unfortunately she didn't turn out suitable as a breed dog so she never got any puppies of her own but she has the role as Mother in my pack. 
A little bit bossy to the other dogs but only because she tries to teach them how to behave.

I love her to bits! 

Best show results:

2013-09-14 International show, Gimo

Judge: Ann-Christine Johansson

Class: Junior

Result: Excellent, Placed first with CQ (Ex1 CQ)

2013-05-26 Internationell utställning, Österbybruk

Judge: Jan Sonne-Schmidt, Danmark

Class: Puppy 6-9 months

Result: Placed 4th with Prize of Honor  (out of 10)

"Knappt 9 mån, utmärkt typ, lovande huvud, bra bett, fina ögon och öron, välvinklad, ännu outvecklad i bröstet, bra svans, bra rörelser, utmärkt päls för åldern, trevligt temperament.


DKCH FUCH Helmiäisen Legend Of Legends

e. MULTICH Helmiäisen Legend Of Sun
u. Misty Meadow's Qween Paola

Foto: Kimberly von Kol


Småtuvans Sweet For My Sweet 

e. MULTICH Småtuvans Jon Jon
u. SE UCH Småtuvans Buffy Beauty

PL 0/0
Eyes clear


Foto: Elith kennel


I15905/11 L DK UCH SE UCH Helmiäisen Legend Of Legends

FIN62349/08 L AT CH C.I.B. CZ CH FI UCH SE UCH SK CH Helmiäisen Legend Of Sun

FIN47922/07 L C.I.B. EE CH FI UCH LT CH LV CH SE VV-15 Misty Meadow's Tiziano

FIN62320/08 Misty Meadow's Bluesun

FI54199/09 Misty Meadow's Queen Paola

LOI05/65552 K DK UCH FI UCH Misty Meadow's King Leopold

LOI07/104655 Space Invaders Prima Chocostarhelen

S22071/2009 L Småtuvans Sweets For My Sweet

S64893/2005 L C.I.B. NORD JV-06 SE UCH Småtuvans Jonjon

S14874/2005 K CA CH SE UCH US CH Guichon's Color Me Happy

S19554/2002 K Småtuvans Miranda

S14582/2005 L SE UCH Småtuvans Buffy Beauty

S53025/2003 K Småtuvans Rockin' Robin

S36363/2003 L Bonny-Bell Lakeizha

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