Luscious Just The Way I Like It


Date of birth: 2021-04-22

Sire: Luscious Highland Hero

Dam: Luscious Claim To Fame

Weight: 1,9 kg

Bite: Scissor 6+6

Molera: Closed

PL: 0/0


Temperament: Very sweet and playful. 

Best show result:

1 år

1 år

5 months old

5 months old


SE37783/2021K Luscious Just The Way I Like It

SE42833/2019K Luscious Highland Hero

SE20124/2015K Elith Show Me The Money Honey

SE11193/2014L C.I.B. & NORD UCH FI JV-14 LV CH NO V-14 NORD JV-14 SE UCH Macenvi Highlander

SE67376/2010K C.I.B. DK V-15 NORD UCH NORD V-18 SE UCH SE V-16 Elith Be Luca'Licious

SE41920/2017K Luscious Drop Dead Beautiful

SE23618/2016K DE CH EE CH HU CH NORD UCH SL CH Lian My Pride And Joy

SE59640/2014K SE UCH Luscious Check Me Out

SE59643/2014K Luscious Claim To Fame

SE31368/2012K SE UCH Small Is Beautiful's Hay Bale Maze

SE33363/2010K NORD V-11 SE UCH Small Is Beautiful's Paul Anka

SE21981/2010L Small Is Beautiful's Hep Alien

SE37112/2010K Tickawis Buttercup

S23197/2004K Ohlala King Size

S46664/2008L Bramver's Good Morning

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