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DoB: 2018-12-14

Sire: Elith Show Me The Money Honey

(C.I.B MultiCH MacEnvi Highlander X C.I.B MultiCH Elith Be Luca'Licious)

Dam: Luscious Check Me Out

(SeCH Small Is Beautiful's Hay Bale Maze X Tickawis Buttercup)

Both parents PL 0/0 and eyes clear.

Puppies names:

LUSCIOUS GREATEST GIFT  female, creme, smoothcoat, weight at birth 101 g

LUSCIOUS GENTLE TOUCH  male, redsable, smoothcoat, weight at birth 117 g

14 weeks

14 weeks

14 weeks

Elith Show Me The Money Honey


PL 0/0
Eyes clear

SE UCH Luscious Check Me Out


BF4 Swedish Chihuahua Speciality 2016 (Stora CC)
2x BOS Int dog show
3x CAC
5x R-CAC
9x BF-placements

#5 Most topwinning SC puppy in Sweden 2015
1x BOB-puppy Int dog show (SE)
1x BOB-puppy Nat dog show (SE)

PL 0/0
Eyes clear

Grandfather (Sivert's father)

C.I.B. NORD & SE & DK & FI & NO & LV CH BALT W-16 NO W-14 DK W-14 KBH W-14 NORD JW-14 FI JW-14 NO JW-14 DK JW-14 He JW-14 KBH JW-14

MacEnvi Highlander

PL 0/0
Eyes clear

Grandmother (Sivert's mother)

BISS C.I.B. NORD & SE & DK & FI & NO CH SE W-16 DK W-15 KBH W-14 KLBTW-12

Elith Be Luca´Licious

PL 0/1
Eyes clear

Grandfather (Celine's father)

Swedish Champion

SE UCH Small Is Beautiful's Hay Bale Maze


PL 0/0
Eyes clear

Tickawis Buttercup


PL 0/0
Eyes clear


SE20124/2015 K Elith Show Me The Money Honey

SE11193/2014 L C.I.B. & NORD UCH FI JV-14 LV CH NO V-14 NORD JV-14 SE UCH Macenvi Highlander

KCAH00640003 K Bodebi Joshua Nahani

KCAP01228703 Macenvi's Heather Hunni

SE67376/2010 K C.I.B. DK V-15 NORD UCH NORD V-18 SE UCH SE V-16 Elith Be Luca'Licious

LOI08/97961 K FI UCH GB SHCH ME CH MK CH PT CH RS CH Misty Meadow's Orlando Furioso

S30562/2008 K C.I.B. DK VV-16 EE CH NORD UCH PL CH VEUW-16 Orkanens Aimée A Dato

SE59640/2014 K Luscious Check Me Out

SE31368/2012 K SE UCH Small Is Beautiful's Hay Bale Maze

SE33363/2010 K NORD V-11 SE UCH Small Is Beautiful's Paul Anka

SE21981/2010 L Small Is Beautiful's Hep Alien

SE37112/2010 K Tickawis Buttercup

S23197/2004 K Ohlala King Size

S46664/2008 L SE UCH NO UCH Bramver's Good Morning

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