Luscious Highland Hero

Hugo SE42833/2019

Born: 2019-06-13

Breeder: Luscious kennel

Sire: Elith Show Me The Money Honey (C.I.B. MultiCh MacEnvi Highlander x C.I.B. MultiCH Elith Be Luca'Licious)

Dam: Luscious Drop Dead Beautiful (MultiCH Liam My Pride And Joy x SE UCH Luscious Check Me Out)

Weight:  2,2 kg

Bite:  Scissor 6+6

Molera: Closed

Patella:  0/0

Mentality: Sweet and playful. Loves to tease the adult dogs in the family. 

Merits:  Not showed due to Covid-19 pandemi. 

Sire to my I- and J-litter.

Retired from breeding and now living with my sister. 


SE20124/2015K Elith Show Me The Money Honey

SE11193/2014L C.I.B. & NORD UCH FI JV-14 LV CH NO V-14 NORD JV-14 SE UCH Macenvi Highlander

KCAH00640003K Bodebi Joshua Nahani

KCAP01228703 Macenvi's Heather Hunni

SE67376/2010K C.I.B. DK V-15 NORD UCH NORD V-18 SE UCH SE V-16 Elith Be Luca'Licious

LOI08/97961 K FI UCH GB SHCH ME CH MK CH PT CH RS CH Misty Meadow's Orlando Furioso

S30562/2008 K C.I.B. DK VV-16 EE CH NORD UCH PL CH VEUW-16 Orkanens Aimée A Dato

SE41920/2017K Luscious Drop Dead Beautiful

SE23618/2016K DE CH DK UCH EE CH HU CH SE UCH SL CH Lian My Pride And Joy

NHSB2811918K Jeffrey

LOSH1090627 Jebony My Pride And Joy

SE59640/2014K SE UCH Luscious Check Me Out

SE31368/2012K SE UCH Small Is Beautiful's Hay Bale Maze

SE37112/2010K Tickawis Buttercup

Elith Show Me The Money Honey

Luscious Drop Dead Beautiful

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