Amati Cani’s Take A Chill Pill


Reg.number: SE45588/2021

Date of birth: 2021-05-27

Sire: SE UCH Triangel Joy Smile To The World

Dam: Amati Cani's Calm Down

Weight: 2,5 kg

Bite: Scissor 6+6

Molera: Closed

PL: 0/0


Temperament: Playful and cool guy. 

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SE45588/2021K Amati Cani's Take A Chill Pill

SE51493/2017K SE UCH Triangel Joy Smile To The World

KCAS02384103K Macenvi's Around The World

KCAQ03975902 Macenvi With Love

KCAL05206003 Macenvis Midnight Blue

EST00518/14 L CZ CH EE CH FI UCH LT CH LU CH LV CH Sweet Indeed Smile Of Joy

EST00010/13 L Sweet Indeed Show Me A Smile

ROI11/41622 K Sweet Indeed Happy New Year

SE33191/2019L Amati Cani's Calm Down

UKU.0268638 L CZ CH EE CH FI UCH RO CH SE UCH UA CH Lookum Porter

UKU.0185869 K Lookum Deyton

UKU.0196541 L UA CH Gretel Witch Hunter Chilarious

SE29161/2016K SE UCH Amati Cani's I'm Hot You'Re Not

SE36795/2015L C.I.B. HR CH NO UCH NORD JV-15 SE V-16 SE&FI UCH Masterpiece Majoko Orys

SE13547/2013K SE UCH Amati Cani's Undefeated

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